Canadians took some amazing photos of last week’s supermoon

It’s been a week since the supermoon, the celestial event that brought the the full moon closer to Earth than it’s been in over 60 years, which means people have now had plenty of time to select and upload their best photos. Snaps of the supermoon have been pouring in for the last week, and there are plenty of jaw-dropping shots to choose from.

Depending on the weather conditions in different parts of the country, the moon appears shrouded in mist or crystal clear. It looms over forests and marshes and lakes and farms. It seems that no matter where Canadians were last Monday, they had one thing in common: they were honing their photography skills.

Here are some of our favourite shots from the event. Canadians really showed their creativity in capturing the supermoon, using all sorts of different angles and perspectives. The moon won’t be this near again until 2034, so until then, these photos will have to tide you over.

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