Canada’s 10 most perfect placid lakes for a canoe trip

Photo by Pierre Leclerc/Shuttertock

Summer is on its way, and with it comes new challenges. The warm weather, iconic landscapes, and expansive greenery of Canada can sometimes make it difficult to stay indoors. If office politics are getting you down, or you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here are ten perfect placid lakes for a canoe trip in Canada. Because you deserve some peace and quiet.

George Lake, Ontario

Located at the only campground in Killarney Provincial Park, this lake is known for its pristine colour and calm surface. This easily accessible lake is protected from the wind, keeping the waters calm and perfect for any level of paddler.

Bowron Lakes, British Columbia

The Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit is a world-renowned paddling haven. The circuit encompasses a 116-kilometre chain of lakes and portages, including some amazing water and mountain ranges. Only 25 canoes are allowed on the circuit daily, meaning you won’t be bumper to bumper with your fellow adventurers.

Maligne Lake, Alberta

Paddling this lake in Jasper National Park is a surreal experience. The teal waters and towering peaks provide the perfect backdrop to your adventure. While tour buses often frequent this lake, a couple of strokes will take you away from the crowds and on to calm waters.

Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Though it’s the second largest lake in Saskatchewan, a chain of islands keeps this lake calm and makes for interesting exploration opportunities. But beware: something might be lurking beneath the surface. Legend has is that a monster pulls animals, or more specifically reindeer, through the ice during the winter. Better designate a lookout!

Mountain Lake, Ontario

Situated in Kawartha Highlands Signature Sites Park, this tiny lake features towering cliffs and crystal-clear waters. With only one backcountry site, you’ll have this entire lake to yourself, minus a family of beavers who call this their permanent home.

Caddy Lake, Manitoba

Kayakers, canoeists, and stand-up paddleboarders will all enjoy the gorgeous landscape that surrounds Caddy Lake. Located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, this lake features a series of gorgeous rock tunnels that were originally created for railway construction. Now you can paddle through the caves to reach the lake, creating the perfect entrance to your relaxing adventure.

Lac Wapizagonke, Quebec

Nestled in La Mauricie National Park, this lake winds through a large valley and features stunningly clear water. With its narrow shape, this lake has lots of secluded bays to explore, as well as some 5000 year old red ochre rock paintings from the Atikamekw.

Mersey River, Nova Scotia

Sure, this isn’t a lake, but this paddle is just too serene not to share. Starting from Jake’s Landing in Kejimkujik National Park, this tranquil river is brimming with charm. Small side streams are begging to be explored, the wildlife is extremely active, and the overhanging red maples perfectly frame this picturesque waterway.

Nictau Lake, New Brunswick

Located in Mount Carleton Provincial Park, Nictau Lake is calm and clear, perfect for beginners or anyone looking for an easy paddle. If you’re looking to stay a little longer, this lake has six rustic cabins to choose from. So take your time and take it all in.

Dunphy’s Pond, Newfoundland

Canoeists can access this tranquil lake from Sandy Pond in Terra Nova National Park. It’s also the perfect pot for birders, as crossbills, owls, and grouse are frequent visitors. Listen for the call of the loon or try to spot a caribou as it strolls along the shore.