Bring nature indoors with these clever design tweaks

For most cottagers, getting outside is a way of life—it brings peace, balance, and a connection to nature. But sometimes, due to weather, work, or just life in general, getting outdoors isn’t an option. When that’s the case, the next best thing is to bring the outside into your home.

Being outdoors has been shown to be beneficial to mental health—something outdoors enthusiasts have long known. After all, nothing settles and grounds the mind like a walk through the trees or a morning spent by the shores of an ocean or lake.

Fortunately, for the times when seaside walks aren’t an option, there are plenty of ways to make your home feel more outdoorsy through decorating and activities. And as a bonus, you can leave the less indoor-friendly parts of nature (sneaky raccoons, we’re looking at you) outside where they belong.