Bike the Haliburton Forest

Three hundred kilometres of trails and forest access roads make the privately owned Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve a choice destination for cyclists looking for rolling roads, wide forest trails and some seriously tough uphill climbs. According to local cyclists, you can ride for eight hours and not see the same scenery twice—and the scenery you do see is spectacular, with views stretching across the Haliburton Highlands. A wide network of well-marked trails means you can spend up to a week exploring every rock and tree this trail system has to offer. More info: Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

What’s nearby: Stay in the park—in a cottage, log cabin or tent—and explore the other wilderness activities on offer. These include the Wolf Centre—a 15-acre enclosure, home to two roaming wolf packs and an education centre—forest canopy tours, astronomy workshops in the fully functioning observatory, and tours of the forest’s working sawmill.

How to get there: Take the Don Valley/404 north to Davis Drive/RR 31 and go east, then go north on ON-48 (signs for Sutton), turn left onto highway 12 north, go east on County Road 48, then turn left onto highway 35 north (signs to Huntsville). For detailed directions, go to the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.


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