Beavers knock out power to thousands in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan power pole SaskPower/Facebook

A few beavers near Prince Albert got tired of their usual fare and started nibbling on some power poles, leading to a loss of power to a large part of northern Saskatchewan last weekend.

The animals managed to make enough of a dent in one pole that a strong wind took it the rest of the way down, which caused a sort of domino effect.

“This was one of our larger wooden power poles and there was ample evidence of beaver damage at the base of it,” SaskPower spokesperson Jonathan Tremblay told the CBC.

He added that animal-related power outages are usually caused by bird or squirrel activity.

“Beavers are fairly rare.”

Power pole
Photo courtesy of SaskPower/Facebook

Late fall is when beaver families work to repair and build their dams in preparation for winter, which could account for these particular beavers’ interest in the wooden power poles.

Hopefully they find some real trees to gnaw on soon so both human and beaver families can stay cosy all winter long.


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