Authorities had to relocate the same moose out of a Saskatchewan town twice in two days

Moose laying down next to a car Photo by Darcie Anderson

The moose came back the very next day . . .

No, it’s not an uber-Canadian reimagining of a children’s song, but a simple recap of what happened in Muenster, Saskatchewan, last week, when a moose who had been removed from town decided to return the following day.

The moose was first spotted in town mid-February and spent about a week around Muenster investigating yards, sniffing at cars, and generally avoiding people. Resident Darcie Anderson said the moose mostly seemed curious and didn’t cause any damage, though it was nevertheless intimidating to see such a large animal in her yard.

“It was a little bit closer than I would have liked to have seen it. It’s pretty surreal when you’re looking at it,” she told CTV News.

Moose sniffing car
[Credit: Darcie Anderson]
Attempts were made to “shoo” the animal, but the moose was impervious to these efforts and eventually had to be run out of town by conservation officers.

But (cue music) the very next day, the moose was back.

The moose returned repeatedly to Anderson’s backyard, and while she enjoyed the photo op, she found herself too nervous to walk outside when she knew the animal was in the area. Village officials urged caution and avoidance while the moose was around, as it could potentially become dangerous.

Moose in a yard
[Credit: Darcie Anderson]
“Moose are pretty large, unpredictable animals,” Conservation Officer Brendon Smith told Discover Humboldt. “The cows will defend their calves and can be unpredictable when they’re stressed out. So, it’s important to stay out of their way.”

The moose eventually had to be tranquilized by conservation officers, who then relocated and are hoping it will not return.

As most of us know, moose often make their ways into cities, particularly small towns and villages that are close to their natural habitats. It’s the sort of thing most Canadians are used to.

As Anderson told Discover Humboldt, “Only in Saskatchewan is your ‘guard dog’ a moose!”

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