Amazing video shows moose like you’ve never seen them

An incredible YouTube video contains aerial footage of two massive bull moose frolicking in Aspen, Colorado.

Filmmaker Bill Clary recently caught the amazing scene using an action sports camera attached to a small aircraft designed for overhead filming.

The video begins with a moose eyeing the overhead camera, seemingly confused by the buzzing craft before losing interest. It calmly walks off along bright green foliage and joins its mate. From this bird’s-eye perspective, we see the moose as majestic, playful animals—a side most humans never get the chance to see.

On September 17, around 2 p.m., Clary had just finished building his latest small scout camera drone. Clary wanted to film the changing colours of the Aspen trees, so he charged up a couple of sets of batteries and waited for the evening light to come. A few hours later, Clary packed up his car and traveled along a back road towards a tree field. When he got close, he set out on foot.

While walking through the field, he spotted massive antlers off in the distance. “I froze in place,” says Clary. “Since I was actually trying to make noise to scare off any possible mountain lions, the moose heard me pretty much when I spotted it.”

Clary stood still for a minute or so, “completely lost in the moment.”

For the next few minutes, Clary set up his wireless camera video system andturned on the drone he had just finished building. Luckily for Clary, the moose had not moved.

“I sat down, put my video goggles on, said a quick prayers and flew over the moose.”

What happened next was amazing:

“As you can see in the video, the moose seems confused by buzzing craft. After about 10 seconds of following the moose, I could tell that it was no longerbothered by my craft and was calmly walking off with its mate.”

Clary might not have captured the changing colours of Aspen trees, but he found something even more beautiful.