All about boat shows

boat show

Boat shows are often a great opportunity to get special deals on new boats, accessories, trailers, dinghies, gifts, clothing, knick-knacks, electronics, and all kinds of other gadgets for your boat.

But boat shows can be confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating. Here’s what you should know.

How do boat shows work?

Show organizers bring companies with marine products and services under one roof or in one harbour where they can “show and sell” to you. Boat shows take place all around the world and are great places to compare models and brands and communicate directly with dealers and manufacturers.

Boat shows also promote boating knowledge, safety, and environmental awareness through exhibits and seminars.

Who will you talk to?

Exhibitors at boat shows are manufacturers, distributors, marinas/dealers, brokers, suppliers, or combinations of these. Boat manufacturers have factory representatives working their booths. You’ll also speak to salespeople representing the various marinas/dealers, who are franchised to sell particular brands. The marinas/dealers may have brought staff from their marinas to work the booth, as well as owners, service staff, family, and/or friends.

2012 boat shows

Toronto International Boat Show , January 14-22

Vancouver International Boat Show, February 8-12

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, February 9-12

Montreal Boat & Water Sports Show, February 9-12

Ontario Family Fishing Weekend, February 18-20

Halifax International Boat Show, February 23-26

Montreal Sportsmen’s Show, February 23-26

Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, February 23- 26

London Boat & Cottage Show (Ontario), February 24-26

Victoria Boat and Fishing Show, February 24-26

Mid-Canada Boat Show (Winnipeg), March 1-4

BC Boat and Sportsman Show, March 2-4

Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, March 14-18

Edmonton Boat & Sportmen’s Show, March 15-18

Quebec Sportsmen’s Show, March 22-25

Moncton Boat Show, March 25-27

Spring Cottage Life Show, March 30-April 1

Port Credit In-Water Show, August 24-26