8 more celebrities who cottage in Canada

cottage celebrities

Canadians are used to being humble, but let’s face it—our country is full of amazing places to spend a weekend (or a summer) escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. While some may head south for vacation, we think heading to the lake is way more fun—and we’re not the only ones.

Here’s eight more stars who love spending time in Canada’s cottage country.

Cindy Crawford: Lake Joseph, Ontario

The supermodel and her family own a cottage on a seven-acre island on Lake Joseph that, conveniently, includes a dock for their float plane. (That’s one way to beat the traffic up the 400.) Along with a luxurious cottage, there’s apparently a multitude of wild blueberry bushes.

Kenny G: Lake Joseph, Ontario

Yes, the king of the soprano sax has a cottage on Lyford Island, which he bought for a cool $4.3 million back in 2008. That’s a lot of saxing. Nicely, though, the jazz musician is also said to be an enthusiastic participant in lake activities.

Wendel Clark: Lake Rosseau, Ontario

Not only does Wendel Clark own a 10-bedroom, eight-bathroom cottage in Muskoka, he made it available for a cool $5,000 a night (two-night minimum) on Airbnb, with all proceeds going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Clark’s not the only Maple Leaf o have a cottage in the area—Mark Messier, Doug Gilmour, and others are said to have summer getaways there as well.

Shania Twain: Lake of Bays, Ontario

Twain has a summer house in Lake of Bays, Muskoka—joining other Muskoka-loving celebs like Martin Short, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and Steven Spielberg. An unfortunate case of stalking in 2011 brought Twain’s cottage hideaway into the headlines, but otherwise, the star is fairly private.

Justin Bieber: Muskoka, Ontario

Although, as far as we can tell, he doesn’t actually own a property in the area, Beebs has been spotted in Muskoka several times—and is reported to be quite a nuisance on a jet ski. According to gossip sites, he also throws lavish dock parties, complete with fire performers and 500 of his closest friends.

Ed Robertson: Baptiste Lake, Bancroft, Ontario

The lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies may be a native of Scarborough, but he spends as much time as he can at his Bancroft-area cottage, where he pilots his own float plane (and crashed it in 2008).

Ethan Hawke: Tracadie Harbour, Nova Scotia

The star, most recently of the film Boyhood, bought a nine-acre private island with his then-wife Uma Thurman in 2002, two hours west of Sydney. He’s been spotted at the local Tim Hortons, as well as speaking up on behalf of a Mi’kmaq community protesting oil drilling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Mitt Romney: Grand Bend, Ontario

It’s a white house, it’s just not the White House. Yup—the Republican nominee for president in 2012 has a summer home in Grand Bend, on Lake Huron. As of 2012, the Romney family had owned the Lake Huron home in a gated community for more than 60 years. The quiet community is probably grateful that Romney didn’t actually get elected, given that Grand Bend gets a little crazy most summer weekends without the Secret Service hanging around.

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