8 great pieces of outdoor adventure wear for dogs

In most cases, dog clothing is mostly just for us people. While humans love to see a labrador retriever in a tartan kerchief or a bulldog in a jaunty shirt, all dogs really care about is where their next treat is coming from and whether anyone’s planning to bring them for a W-A-L-K.

But guess what? There really are times when wearing clothes can benefit your pup — and not just because it’s super cute. Dog apparel can be extremely helpful in protecting our fluffy friends from the elements and, if they run off, signalling to others that this pooch comes from a loving home.

Just like people, dogs might require clothes that are hardier and a little more outdoorsy for the cottage. Every person has their own perfect cottage outfit. For some, it’s comfy pants and a mustard-stained t-shirt, and for others it’s hardcore hiking wear. For your dog, the perfect outfit is probably one that allows them to run around and play, while also shielding them from unpleasant natural elements. It’s the best of both worlds for humans and our fluffy friends. Now who wants to go for a walk?