8 amazing photos of dragonflies landing on people

Dragonflies are one of our favourite insects at the cottage—after all, they eat mosquitoes! Besides being amazing predators, they are also beautiful. Their iridescent shimmer makes us completely forget that they are indeed insects, and related to so many other creepy crawlies.

Chances are you’ve seen a dragonfly zip around you in the air, flying in all directions. Each of their four wings is connected to its own muscle, allowing them to beat at different speeds and for the dragonfly to move forward, backward, and even side-to-side. There are so many questions about the way they fly and their migration patterns, that the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership was formed in 2011 by experts, nongovernmental programs, academic institutions, and federal agencies from the United States, Mexico, and Canada to help find the answers, as well as promote conservation of their habitats.

If a dragonfly ever stops to take a rest and happens to land on you, we consider it good luck. We found eight photos from our photo contest submissions that show people who were not only lucky enough to have the insect land on them, but also able to catch a photo of it happening—something hard to do when they move so quickly.

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