8 adventurous winter activities for courageous Canadians

Snowkiting is the perfect cure for cabin fever

If cabin fever is making you crazy, then the best thing you can do is get outside! Layer up and try something, well, crazy. 

Speed flying

Perhaps one of the nuttiest sports to be created over the past few decades, speed flying combines skiing and paragliding. It’s fast, it’s dangerous, and super exciting to watch. Do you want to try it?

Shovel racing

There are a million ways to get down a snow-covered hill. Riding a shovel is one of those ways, and shovel racing was actually in the X Games at one time. The World Championships happen every February at Angel Fire Resort in new Mexico.


Got a dog you need to walk? Then why not get your dog to walk you? Combining cross-country skis, a harness, and your favourite four-legged friend, skijoring is a real blast.

Fat biking

Fat bikes have taken the bicycle industry by storm. There are 47 brands now making fat bikes with tires anywhere from 3.7” to 4.7” wide. And there are trails popping up for them around the world. Ontario’s Hardwood Hills has a rental fleet if you want to give it a go.



Basically snowboarding without bindings, “noboarding” isn’t easy. But for some it is the purist way to get down the mountain. Wanna give it a try? Simply take the bindings off your snowboard and step on board.


Easier to learn than regular old kiteboarding, snowkiting allows you to use either skis or a snowboard to get out there. This is one of those sports you’ll need to learn from an instructor though: those kites are big and powerful!


Polar bear dip

Jumping into any body of water during the winter just seems like a bad idea. But if you can muster up the courage, it’ll all be over in a splash. Then you can climb into a hot-tub and scratch polar bear dip off your bucket list forever. Just make sure you break the ice first before taking the plunge.