7 of the world’s most famous trees

Trees are strangely relatable. We often treat them like people—we make their acquaintance, develop favourites, and, if we spend a lot of time with a them, we even come to regard them as old friends. If you’re someone with a tendency to personify trees, then you might not be entirely surprised to learn that some trees are more acclaimed than others. In fact, some trees are downright famous.

Like people, celebri-trees are significant for the roles they play in history, art, and science. They might be record-breakers, great beauties, or total weirdos. Whatever they are, like all effective public personalities, they intrigue people and start conversations. In England, there’s even a yearly title awarded to the tree of the year.

This gallery is devoted to some of the most fascinating, most talked-about, most superlative trees in the world. Take a look—you may find yourself star-struck.