6 electric boats and PWCs on the market

Courtesy Princecraft

If you’re conscious of the environment—or perhaps gas prices—or you enjoy exploring lakes that don’t allow gas-powered engines, think about choosing an electric boat or personal watercraft. If you choose electric, your neighbours will likely be pleased (and stay asleep) when you slip out of your dock silently for those early morning or late night rides. Many boat and PWC manufacturers are releasing fully electric models, with more to follow suit.

The sustainable electric Princecraft Brio 210-2S pontoon boat seats up to nine passengers. Photo credit: Princecraft


The Princecraft Brio 210-2S pontoon is a 21′ 7″ pontoon powered by a Torqeedo electric engine (available in 2.0 RL, 4.0 RL or 10.0 RL) and has room enough for up to nine passengers. The Brio line carries ultra-light lithium batteries and charges fast, and a fully charged battery will give you up to four hours of enjoyment on the water.

Starting at $30,419

The Bruce 22 can hit a top speed of 65.9 km/hr and is suitable for water sports. Photo credit: Vision Marine Technologies

Bruce 22

Bruce 22, made by Vision Marine Technologies, is able to hit a top speed of 65.9 km/h, allowing you to practice water sports with this all-electric model. Accommodates five to eight passengers, has a propulsion power of 5 hp, speed of 6 mph and is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Starting at $73,995

Super Air Nautique’s GS22E fully electric wakeboard and ski boat will provide two to three hours of fun on the water per charge and has a ballast of 1,850 lbs. Photo credit: Marine Max

Super Air Nautique GS22E 

Utilizing an Ingenity drive system, the GS22E is 100 per cent electric with zero emissions – its design contains 90 per cent fewer moving parts than the gas-combustion towboat in its class. The boat has instant torque and a very responsive drive system. This 22’ wakeboat delivers two to three hours of water sports, a ballast capacity of 1,850 lbs., and can be recharged in as little as 1.5 hours with a DC fast-charge system. The AC systems require a 12-hour charge.

Starting at US$292,711

Pure Watercraft’s 25’9” electric pontoon boat features a General Motors automotive battery pack and single or twin Pure Outboard motor. Photo credit: Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft Pontoon Boat

Pure Watercraft has designed a 25′9″ electric pontoon boat, created in collaboration with General Motors (GM). Powered by GM’s automotive battery pack and single or twin Pure Outboard motors, this pontoon boat carries up to 10 passengers. Pricing starts at US$45,000 for the single outboard model and US$65,000 for the twin outboard model. Currently taking pre-orders. 

Zin Z2R electric boat
The Zin Z2R electric boat can go up to 56 km/hr and delivers a flat wake.  Photo credit: Zin Boats

Zin Z2R

This Seattle-based start-up has created the Zin Z2R roundabout fully electric boat. It’s 20’ long and powered by a 55kW Torqueedo electric motor boasting a top speed of 56 km/hr. A full charge is reached after 5 hours on a traditional 120-volt circuit and has a range of up to 193 km. The battery has a 9-year warranty and can take about 10,000 cycles—or about 27 years. The Z2R’s instant torque makes it great for waterskiing. Because it take off like a bullet, the boat planes on the water quickly, delivering a flat wake. It’s also beach-able.

Starting at US$250,000

Taiga Orca Personal Watercraft

Taiga Motors Corporation’s fully electric Orca is speedy and quiet, with up to 120kW (160 hp) and peak torque from zero RPM. Three model levels are available, including the Orca Carbon, which has a carbon fibre composite hull – Taiga says it’s hydrodynamically engineered for dynamic control on the water. Orca’s Level 1 charging connector can be plugged into a standard outlet.

Starting at US$24,000

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