5,000 wasps colonize a bed in UK house

Wasp nests are already pretty creepy when they’re hanging in trees. There’s something unsettling about the papery, porous structures that makes your skin crawl. And of course, wasps are highly adaptable, which means they are able to build these deadly enclaves almost anywhere. Including a bed, apparently.

This photo, taken by an exterminator from St. Cross, UK, shows a spare bedroom that has been literally taken over by wasps. John Birkett was tasked with removing the pests, and estimated that there were up to 5,000 wasps in the hive.


Was this an abandoned house? Not at all. The owner had merely forgotten to close the window, and failed to enter the room for a couple of months. It’s incredible to see how huge the colony became in such a short time.

The wasps were able to chew through the pillows and penetrate the mattress, creating a hive that was approximately three feet wide and almost two feet deep. Despite the bed’s irrepairable damage, apparently Birkett was able to salvage the crocheted blanket underneath the hive.

Removing a problematic wasp nest is always a tricky proposition, and an excess of wasp stings can actually prove fatal. So if you find yourself with a similar infestation, it’s best to call an expert.