5 winter camping hacks to stay comfy

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As Canadians, we’re blessed with one of the best backyards on the planet. From the rockies to the prairies, and the Atlantic to the Pacific, no other country can boast the variety, amount, and beauty of the great outdoors that we have access to. And there’s no better way to embrace those incredible spaces than by grabbing your tent and sleeping bag and camping under the stars.

There’s just one problem: far too many Canadians think camping season ends when the first leaves begin to fall. Which is a shame, because if you’re brave enough to gear up and face the cold, winter camping is the perfect way to experience the tranquility of the Canadian landscape and completely de-stress.

The right gear is essential when you’re planning a winter camping trip, but to keep you extra cozy while you’re braving the cold, here are a few tips we’ve put to good use over the years.