5 summer camps just for grown-ups

Being an adult is fantastic—you get to make all your own decisions, choose your own meals, plan your own trips, and generally be the boss of your own life. However, there are a few things about childhood that we miss. Every once in a while, it was fun to hand control over to someone else—and one of those occasions was at summer camp, where teams of adults made sure you were having a great time at every possible moment.

You may have thought those days were over forever, but recently, there’s been a boom of new summer camps for adults. These camps are generally a bit more focused than childhood camps. You probably won’t spend entire afternoons hiding from the cabin bully or gluing sparkles onto paper. Instead, grown-up camp involves making your own choices, maturity (well, sometimes), and often even a bit of learning. Best of all, you don’t have to write home (but you can if you want to).

What sort of camp do you wish you could attend as a grown-up? This list might give you a few ideas.