5 steps to start freestyle canoeing

Freestyle canoer

Freestyle canoeing or as some call it, canoe dancing, is the fine art of performing a choreographed routine while canoeing. More often than not the canoeists are soloing their canoes and are performing these routines to music.

This is not an easy activity.

You need to be able to solo—and solo well. This can take years of training.

You need calm water so your movements can be fully controlled. The gracefulness needed to complete some of the more complex moves can only be achieved when the water is calm. For most lakes this means waking up early in the morning or staying up late at night.

And of course, you need a killer soundtrack.

So to help you with your quest to bring freestyle canoeing into your life, we’ve put together five tips to make your next freestyle canoeing event a winner.

1. Wear a costume. It will add to the routine greatly. Bonus points if your boat matches your costume.

2. If you’re an expert, wear a suit. Nothing is more serious than a suit and freestyle canoeing is very serious.  But armature soloist have the common problem of swamping their boat, so be careful. Suit wearing is for only expert soloists.

3. Try to evoke tears. Dedicating your performance to your wife and your 43-year marriage is sure to bring tears of joy to everyone in attendance. As will Josh Groban’s angelic voice. 

4. Music is key. The true canoe freestylists will pair their routines to classical music, but songs from Broadway musicals are also acceptable. If you want to break some rules and ruffle some feathers try a 80s power ballad or maybe a rap song.

5. Don’t be afraid to be sexy. Canoeing is sexy. Especially when you match your pants to your boat.