5 native perennials you should plant right now

When it comes to planting your cottage garden, nothing is more suitable than low-maintenance perennials. That’s why it’s disappointing when your favourite perennials refuse to flower or end up dying out after a few seasons.

If you’re looking to establish a garden that can be enjoyed by your family for years to come, here are five long-lived native perennials to consider.

Take note: Regardless of what you plant, patience with perennials is key. Even for indigenous plants growing in ideal conditions, the germination period may be lengthy. Many long-lived perennials take several years to establish their long, deep root systems, meaning that it may be two to three years before you see flowers or top growth.

Finally, remember that “long-lived” doesn’t mean they’ll live forever — the lifespan of perennials varies, with some species living for several years, while others have the potential to live for decades.

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