5 apps to help you survive the rest of winter


There’s only a couple more months until the official start of spring, but for those of you who don’t want to stay cooped up until April, these apps will help you get outside, so that you can not only survive the rest of winter, but maybe even enjoy it, too.

Road Trip Weather (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad)
Yes, there are plenty of navigation apps, and maybe even more weather apps, but how many apps allow you to plan a road trip according to the weather conditions along the way? The Road Trip Weather app provides you with a personalized weather forecast based on when you will be hitting the locations along your route, so there’s no need to worry about venturing into new territory in tough weather—just get in your car and go!

Winter Survival Kit (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android)
We all know we’re supposed to stock our cars with physical winter survival kits, but for those of you who have failed to do so, this app can be just as helpful. While it’s no substitute for kitty litter, it can store important phone and policy numbers for insurance and roadside assistance, designate emergency contacts to alert if you become stranded, determine your geographic location, and estimate how long you can run your engine on remaining fuel.

Snow Fitness Workouts HD (iPad, Android)
If you’ve wanted to get into a winter sport like skiing, but are feeling a little timid because you’ve been inactive for the past couple of months, download Snow Fitness Workouts HD. It provides you with an easy-to-use, at-home fitness program. Each session is planned out to target the muscles you use when skiing, so you should have no trouble hitting the slopes! What are you waiting for?

Liftopia (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad)
Okay, so you’re willing to brave the cold but there are still a few things to figure out, like what resorts to hit up and where to get the best deals. The Liftopia app will help guide you to discounted lift tickets, help you discover nearby ski resorts, and find the latest conditions, making it easier and more affordable to get outside this winter.

OTC Mobile (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad)
If your idea of a fun day in the snow involves less adrenaline and more soaking in the snowy scenery surrounding you, download OTC mobile by the Ontario Trails Council. It’s a great way to find all the trails closest to you. Whether you’re interested in snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiling, OTC mobile categorizes all of its trails according to activity, and provides you with directions, photos and information on the length, difficulty and terrain of the trail.