Here’s 4 ways to beat the winter blues

winter blues

Winter is often people’s least favourite season, with the wet, mushy snow bringing with it the winter blues. It’s associated with long grey days, snow shovelling, and just plain cold. For cottagers, waiting for months until it’s warm enough to head to the lake can be abysmal. But there are some things you can do to help get through these cold days and have some fun.

Winter sports and activities

We all know that being active is good for you, no matter what time of year, but when the days are short and cold, staying inside and huddling in front of the TV can be tempting. Don’t give in! Taking up a new sport or activity is always a great way to enjoy the winter season, and it’s even better if you find something the whole family can participate in. It gets you outside, off the couch, and enjoying the winter sunshine. Check your local town website or newspaper for locations to go sledding, skiing, or skating. Or try some new winter activities.

Getting together with friends and family

With the days so short at this time of year, it can feel a bit lonely. Inviting friends or family over for a games night or dinner and drinks is a great way to pass the time, and even reminisce about the summers passed. Studies have shown that sharing these memories with friends and loved ones can have lasting effects, making us actually feel “warm and fuzzy,” and eliminating any loneliness on those dark, cold nights. Breaking out the board games is also a great way to capture that cottage-like feeling with its simplicity and old-school vibe.

Plan cottage renos and projects!

Sometimes the best way to beat the boredom is to get in touch with your creative side. Is there a cottage project or repair you’ve been putting off or an idea for an update that always seems to be last on the list when summer comes? Now would be a great time to put those ideas in motion.

Research new paint colours or design options for updating a room in your cottage. You can also contact contractors and set up appointments to discuss your thoughts on a renovation, and get a quote. This will help kick-start the project and get you excited for when spring hits. Setting goals and achieving them can also increase your day-to-day satisfaction and boost your confidence. And that is never a bad thing!

Get in touch with nature

Staying connected to nature has its benefits, so if you’re the outdoorsy type, don’t let the heavy snowfall or plunging temperatures stop you from doing what you love. There are still ways that you can connect with nature and wildlife at this time of year. Many conservation areas are open all year round, so you can hike the trails and keep in touch with the great outdoors.

Local zoos and other wildlife attractions are often open in the winter, creating a great day for the family to experience the animals and get outside. If you prefer to stay indoors, look into local attractions, like butterfly conservatories or greenhouses, which offer a chance to be with nature without getting too chilly.

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