2 natural landmarks in Atlantic Canada destroyed by Fiona

Atlantic Canada is facing tremendous loss after tropical storm Fiona came in and wreaked havoc over the past weekend, taking three lives and leaving thousands without power. The winds and rain destroyed beautiful landmarks in both P.E.I. and Nova Scotia.

In P.E.I., the storm completely demolished the iconic Teacup Rock in Thunder Cove Beach. Over thousands of years, water eroded away at the rock to form its namesake shape. Now, there’s nothing left. Photographs immediately filled social media feeds showing the before and after of the sandstone sculpture.

In Nova Scotia, the 300-year-old Shubenacadie Tree also fell victim to Fiona. The beautiful tree stood alone in the middle of a field on Highway 102. It acted as a photo-op for those on the drive between Halifax and Truro.

Locals and tourists loved this tree, which showed different sides of its beauty each season. Everyone will miss this piece of natural history.

Insurance claims from the storm are expected to hit up to $700 million.

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