15 creative snowmen that will make you want to be a kid again

We were all taught to make snowmen the same way: roll three big snowballs, stack them, and stick a carrot into the top one. As a result, building a snowman is often an exercise in stamina, not in imagination. But in fact, there’s plenty of room for creativity, humour, and artistry when it comes to building snowmen. Snow is an incredibly adaptable material; with some wet, sticky snow, you can build just about anything. The snowmen in this gallery push the limits of what you can do with snow. They play with scale, form, and style. Some of them are the incredible works of talented sculptors, but many are the efforts of regular people who, after trudging through the snow every day, were inspired to use it to have a little fun.

These snowmen will have you hoping for a big snowfall as soon as possible. Now that’s an achievement.