13 rope swings that will make you want to plunge into a lake

Temperatures in Canada are climbing, which means only one thing: it’s time to hit the lake. Or the river. Or the pond. Or whatever is the most readily-available body of water near you.

Heading down to the local swimming hole is a centuries-old practice. While cranking the A/C and devouring popsicles are perfectly reasonable responses to the heat, there seems to be an almost primal urge that draws people to natural bodies of water in the dog days of summer. And the only thing better than slowly submerging yourself in a cool pool is flinging yourself in from a rope swing.

It’s amazing how simple some of life’s greatest pleasures are. With a well-placed tree branch and some rope, you can entertain yourself for days. Practice your dives, see how far you can fly, or just sit on a tire swing and contemplate the natural scenery. So next time you have a free day with family or friends, it might be time to go off in search of a perfect spot to put up a swing. With just a few feet of rope, you can find the heat relief you’re craving and make memories that will last a lifetime.