12 water toys to buy for the cottage this summer

water volleyball Photo by Lucigerma/Shutterstock


Even if you’ve been visiting the same lake for decades, there are new activities you can do on the water aside from swimming.  We’ve rounded up popular water toys that will make you want to spend more time on the water this summer.

 Stand-up paddleboard

stand up paddle board water toys
Photo by Aqua Plus

Test your balance and get some exercise with a stand-up paddleboard—the perfect sport for calm lakes. This inflatable version comes with everything you need to get started including a pump, carrying case, and a waterproof phone case. Buy it at Amazon.ca.

Floating mat

water toys for cottage
Photo by Goplus

Just because you can’t afford a private island, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one. This 12-foot floating mat makes for a great place to chill. Buy it at Walmart.ca.


tube for water toys
Photo by Airhead

You and your friends can catch some waves by attaching this towable tube to your boat. Buy it at Amazon.ca.


volleyball water toys
Photo by Intex

This inflatable volleyball set comes with an anchor to hold it steady in the lake. Buy it at Amazon.ca.


kayak water toy for cottage
Photo by Intex

Get some exercise, and circumnavigate your favourite islands with a speedy, inflatable kayak. Buy it at Walmart.ca.


floating basketball water toy
photo by BATYY

Start shooting hoops with this floating basketball net. Buy it at Amazon.ca.

Inflatable raft

inflatable raft water toy
Photo by Intex

This inflatable raft holds four people and has comfortable seating plus built-in fishing rod holders, inflatable cushions, and oar holders. Buy it at Amazon.ca.


football water toy
Photo by COOP

Enjoy a game of catch in the lake with this waterproof toy football that floats. Buy it at Amazon.ca.

Snorkel set

snorkel set for water toys
Photo by Fathom Los Cabos

Explore the depths of the lake with this snorkel and flipper set. Buy it at Mec.ca.


body board water toys

Catch some waves or wade with ease on this bodyboard. Buy it at Amazon.ca.

Ping pong

ping pong water toys
Photo by SOAK Water Series

Play ping pong in the lake with this floating set. Buy it Amazon.ca.

Watermelon ball

ball for water toys
Photo by Bimgwuz Pool Toys

This ball sinks, then slowly rises to the surface of the water, making it perfect for a game of keep-away in the lake. Buy it at Amazon.ca.

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