12 beautiful photos of Canadian national parks in autumn

With summer winding down and Labour Day just past the bend, it’s hard to imagine that soon you’ll be hunkering down into hibernation mode with a hot chocolate, board games, and some fuzzy slippers. But before the cold sets in and hockey season starts up again, we’ve got a few more things to look forward to: visits to the pumpkin patch, mulled apple cider, and gorgeous fall foliage. The subtle shift from sumptuous greens to a colourful array of rusty oranges and vibrant reds is one of the most beautiful things about autumn in Canada.

To commemorate the changing of the leaves in a mere matter of weeks, and maybe even days for more northerly regions of the country, we present this gallery of some of the most gorgeous fall colours in Canadian national parks. We are not responsible for any spontaneous road trips this photo gallery may induce.