10 of the best ATV trails in Canada

Top ATV trails

The weather is finally warmer, and you’re ready to hit the trails. Luckily, Canada is a hotspot for ATVers. The best places to ride are those that are sparsely populated, picturesque, and vast—the exact kinds of landscapes Canada is known for. Our country has a lot of space to explore, and you can see more of it with the help of an ATV.

But with so many trails to delve into, it can be hard to decide where to try first. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with the off-road experts at Honda Canada to compile our own list of great trails for riders at any experience level. These are a few of the best guided trips and ATV trails you can find in Canada.

Salmon bake by ATV in Whistler, BC

The problem with planning your own ATV trip is that lunch often isn’t included. But the salmon-bake ATV adventure organized by Canadian Wilderness Adventures solves that problem. Hop on your ride, climb Blackcomb Mountain, and end up on a patio overlooking an epic view being served cedar-plank salmon. It’s a perfect combo of great adventure and great food.

Seguin Trail in Ontario

Ontario is a playground for ATV enthusiasts, and one of the best-loved routes is Seguin Trail, which extends eastward from Highway 400 to Highway 11, running just south of Parry Sound as part of the Park-to-Park Trail. This path follows an old railway route, and it’s just tough enough to be fun for experienced ATVers. You can gain access by purchasing a Park-to-Park Trail Pass, all proceeds from which go to park and trail maintenance.

Trans-Québec #63 in Quebec

If you’re hitting the trails in the belle province, you’ll want to check out the Trans-Québec #63 trail system. If its name suggests “highway,” that’s because it’s one of Canada’s longest and well-maintained ATV and snowmobile trails. At the heart of the trek is Auberge Beaux Rêves, where you can take guided ATV tours along a picturesque river and soak in its natural whirlpools before spending the night at the lodge.

Pleasant Valley to Eugenia Falls in Ontario

This route is part of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club trail system, and it brings you from the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, past an abandoned ski resort, to the beautiful Eugenia Falls. It’s a perfect mix of natural sites and human-made oddities. The elevation is fairly steady on this route, except for one significant dip around the middle, so check it out if you want a trip that’s steady going.

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System in Ontario

Located just outside Mattawa, Ontario, right along the Quebec border, the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System is just one of many trail systems four-wheelers can access with ATVOntario’s PowerPass. The VMUTS offers lots of diverse trails and plenty of dips and climbs, offering lots of great views at the higher elevation points.

Elliott Lake in Ontario

The trails at Elliott Lake aren’t just great scenery-wise; they’re also well designed. These trails are looped, so you end up back where you started. There’s plenty to check out, including the nearby Whiskey Lake. If you want to make a weekend of it, you can stay at the rustic Ritchie Falls Resort. Elliot Lake is also covered under the PowerPass, so it comes packaged with several other great trails.

Buck Hills Quad Ride in BC

This epic 140 km route was mapped out by user Jay44 on Wikiloc, a massive, open-source trail-sharing resource. The route starts at Lavington, BC, near Vernon, and weaves through woods, over gravel trails, and even through a creek bed or two. For those seeking a less charted adventure route, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Duck Mountain Trails in Manitoba

If you want to get seriously off the grid, head out into the forests of Manitoba on the Duck Mountain trails. These tree-lined paths are pretty remote and might even bring you out of cell service areas, so make sure to prepare and bring supplies, and you should have a winch in case you get stuck in the mud. Your reward? Having a trail and the woods mostly to yourself, a rarity in many ATV parks.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park in Saskatchewan

When you think of Saskatchewan, you might think of wide open fields and flat-as-a-board landscapes, but there are actually plenty of forests and hills in the province, including Narrow Hills Provincial Park, where there are more than 25 bodies of water, hiking paths, wooded areas, and, oh yeah, ATV trails. Get to know a different side of Saskatchewan—on four wheels.

Deer Lake to Bishop’s Falls in Newfoundland

Ontario may be a hotspot for ATVs, but the Maritime provinces have their own ATV culture in their breathtaking East Coast landscapes. This route was also mapped on Wikiloc, and begins at Deer Lake, where there’s an abandoned Cold War–era radar station. From there, it crosses Grand Lake, heads into a quarry, and ends up in Bishop’s Falls, with rugged landscapes and giant skies all along the way. This trip is 183 km in total, so it’s a great trail to take when you want to make a day of it.