albino moose
Photo by Facebook / I Love Alaska

Brilliantly white albino moose spotted in Alaska

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A white albino moose was caught on video in Alaska recently—an extremely rare encounter. The video was posted to the I Love Alaska Facebook page, and quickly racked up hundreds of comments, most expressing amazement. True albinism is an extremely rare trait, and only a handful of albino moose have been spotted in the last decade.

The moose is a large bull, and his white coat is particularly striking—even his antlers appear to be pure white! As Facebook user Cheryl Blattler commented, “It’s like our own Alaskan unicorn!” Others agreed, stating that they hoped the moose would be left unharmed by hunters.

Three years ago, an albino moose was killed by hunters near Cape Breton, sparking controversy. Aside from the fact that they’re extremely rare, Albino moose have deep cultural significance to the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia, who see the moose as sacred and believe they should not be harmed.

Thankfully, this moose appears to be alive and well, munching happily on a tree branch. Moose can live up to twenty-five years, so who knows—we may just see this one again one day.

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