Yukon couple spots lynx family sunbathing in the middle of a highway

Although lynx are typically considered elusive animals, that was hardly the case for this family.

When Stan and Melody McKenzie went out for a drive on the Yukon’s Haines Road, they were hoping to see some wildlife, perhaps even a lynx.

The retired couple lives in Haines Junction, Yukon, and often goes for drives together, searching for opportunities to photograph wildlife. They were feeling optimistic about spotting the wild cat, but they never expected to see six of them sunbathing in the middle of the highway.

Stan pulled over as soon as he saw one lynx. Once he parked, the couple spotted a few more.

“By the time it was all said and done there was all the kittens and the mama, and they all just came onto the road while I was standing behind the truck,” Melody told CBC.

The lynx acknowledged the couple’s presence, but according to Melody, the cats didn’t seem bothered by them.

“During mating season they’re oblivious to everything around them, but we certainly didn’t expect to see a mama and kittens,” Melody said. “They just sat on the road and soaked up the sun a little bit.”

Standing just 20 feet away from the cats, the couple quickly pulled out their cameras and started taking photos.

Eventually more cars showed up, causing the lynx to saunter off the highway and disappear into the woods. But not before Stan and Melody were able to capture some stunning images of them gathered together on the warm asphalt.