World’s most tenacious maple leaf refuses to fall


Are you clinging to fall? Having trouble accepting the onset of winter? You’re not the only one.

A video has been floating around the internet this week (no pun intended) showing that humans aren’t the only ones resisting the pull of winter—so is this extremely determined leaf. The video, taken in a park in Brighton, Ontario, shows that some leaves fall more easily than others.

This particular piece of foliage, having separated from the tree, doesn’t simply join its crunchy brethren on the ground, but remains aloft for over twenty seconds, twirling in the wind. Even when it nears the dreaded carpet of leaves on the grass, a gust saves it, and it vaults back into the air.

The first day of winter isn’t officially until December 21, but for most of us, snow is the real indicator of winter, and it has already appeared in many parts of Ontario. Of course, we can’t avoid winter, but we can choose how to approach it. We can go gentle or, like this leaf, we can rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

Of course, there are many things to love and embrace about winter (Warm drinks! Ice skating! Snow forts!), but for just a few days more, we’re going to make like this leaf and stay in denial.

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