Wolf chases man on motorcycle along B.C. highway

Wolf chase

While cottagers are no strangers to unusual and exciting animal encounters, Banff resident Tim Bartlett has one for the books.  

Last Saturday, while Bartlett was riding his new motorcycle on Highway 93 through British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, a massive grey wolf emerged from the forest alongside the highway.  

According to a report by the CBC, the wolf crossed a lane of traffic and began chasing Barlett, keeping up with him for nearly a kilometre. 

“This is wildlife on steroids” Bartlett told Global News, as it’s considered very rare wolf behaviour. Parks Canada’s Michelle Macullo told the CBC that it’s uncommon to even see a wolf, let alone be chased by one.

“There is a high, high probability that this wolf has been habituated and it is accustomed to getting food rewards from humans along that stretch of highway, and that’s directly contributing to its current behaviour,” a B.C. conservation officer told the National Post

People are encouraged to call authorities if they spot animals exhibiting strange or aggressive behavior such as this. While Bartlett did contact officials, it was only after he managed to capture this experience of a lifetime on camera.

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