Will your local corn stand be affected by recent droughts?

You’ve probably heard about the droughts in the United States, which are devastating corn crops, raising food prices and causing worry across the country. While we haven’t had the same issues with drought here in Ontario, farmers certainly haven’t had an easy year with the hot, dry summer we’ve had.

Len Stroud, managing partner of Stroud Farms in Whitby, Ont., says that while everything from harvest time to seasonal bugs is happening earlier this year, he doesn’t expect to see a difference in supply from his farms, including corn on the cob. But, he says, some corn may be patchy due to the lack of rain. Corn relies on water for pollination. Not enough water, and you end up with corn kernels that don’t develop into the tasty morsels we love.

Recent rain may improve the situation for this year’s crop, but as farmers are already picking corn, it could be slightly patchier than in other years. As for other vegetables, Stroud expects quantities will be the same as past years. He doesn’t plan to raise prices this year, and he says he doesn’t think other stands selling corn and other vegetables will either.

Still, the droughts happening south of the border may mean increases in food prices here. The corn crops affected by this drought are mainly grain corn, which is used for animal feed. So, while we may not see price increases for corn on the cob, Stroud says we are likely to see an increase in the cost of meat.