Which Great Lake are you?

Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are pretty iconic, and it’s no wonder—with six quadrillion gallons of water between them, they contain one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. And like all icons, each lake has a distinct character of its own.

So while you may have your favourite Great Lake, the real question is, which one are you most like?

Lake Superior

People think you’re attractive and want to be around you, but because you tend to be a bit inaccessible, people keep their distance. You can be moody: calm, cool, and collected one minute, raging and destructive the next. You’ve sunk more than one friendship because you couldn’t tame your temper, but those close to you still greatly value your friendship—even if they have to be a little careful around you.

Lake Huron

You’re easy-going and live for the outdoors, whether that’s swimming, camping, hiking, or just hanging out at the cottage. You’ve got some accomplishments under your belt, but you don’t like to brag about them. You value being close to family, especially relatives who live abroad. You enjoy kicking back with a beer, strumming your guitar, and playing hacky-sack whenever you get a chance.

Lake Ontario

You’re fun and popular, but all the attention can sometimes give you a bit of an ego. But once people get beyond your extroverted exterior, they discover layers to you that many don’t realize are even there. You have a storied past, and there’s nothing you like more than entertaining your friends with anecdotes about your adventures.

Lake Erie

You’re changeable, but warm and unpretentious. You’ve got a great connection to your working-class roots, and have probably worked in a factory at some point in your life. You’ve got a bad habit of dumping on some of your friends, especially the ones who are closest to you. And while there were hardships, even battles, in your past, your life is generally pretty happy and peaceful now.

Lake Michigan

You’re the American friend who still doesn’t get it when your friends make Degrassi references. You root for the Packers, and you’re consistently disappointed that you can’t get decent beer-battered cheese curds or cream puffs north of the border. All that aside, though, you still have a lot in common with your Canadian friends, and even though you’ve gotten into some fights in the past, establishing some clear borders has made all the difference.