What Canadian town is your zodiac sign?

Castle Frontenac Quebec Photo by mervas

Canada is a vast land to explore with many hidden gems that not everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing. Towns and cities have characteristics much like how people have personalities, making it possible to match up Canadian towns to the traits of each zodiac sign. Check out your sign to see what town or city you would be.

Aries — Brockville, Ontario

Brockville, Ontario
Photo by Adwo

Brockville is named one of the top diversely active cities in Canada. Between numerous trails, an annual winter race, scuba diving shipwrecks, and water areas to explore by paddle, Brockville is certainly the Canadian city that Aries would be. They would bask in all the active glory!

Taurus — Stratford, Ontario

Stratford, Ontario
Photo by Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock

As one of the top foodie towns in Canada, Stratford is home to some of the best foods within a localized area, as well as having a highly regarded culinary school! Taurus, if you were a Canadian town this would be you. Peaceful, pleasant and slow-paced, no one would appreciate the town’s beauty and love of food more than you!

Gemini — Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Photo by Igor Sh/Shutterstock

With an assortment of activities to engage in, Gemini is much like this Canadian wonder of the world. With a busy night life and diverse social atmosphere, Niagara Falls is the city for this social airy sign. It’s always bound to be a great time whether you’re with a Gemini or in Niagara falls!

Cancer — Port Hope, Ontario

Port Hope, Ontario
Photo by FredS/Shutterstock

As the antique capitol of Ontario, Cancers would definitely match up to be this Canadian town. Cancers are the most sentimental of the zodiac and have a deep love for history. What also suits this quirky water sign is the town’s humour with their “Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny” race that commemorates a flood that hit the town back in 1980.

Leo — Old Quebec City, Quebec

Old Quebec
Photo by almanino/Shutterstock

When you visit old Quebec City it feels as though you’ve travelled to a part of Europe. With it’s cobble stone roads, romantic stone buildings and the view of Chateau Frontenac which resembles a castle, this place is a regal spot ideal for the king of the zodiac. With top notch food, wines and cheese, if Leo were a Canadian city they’d surely be this one.

Virgo – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Photo by Jeff Whyte

As voted one of the most healthy cities in Canada; ranked by life satisfaction, lifestyles and access to health care services, this is the Canadian city that Virgo would be. Virgos are particular about their healthy food, and not only that, but Saskatchewan is also known for their farming which Virgo also rules over!

Libra — Abbotsford, British Columbia

Abbotsford, BC
Photo by Tyler Boyes

As one of the most geographically beautiful areas of British Columbia, Libra would be the town of Abbotsford. The zodiac sign which depends the most on a beautiful atmosphere belongs in a place like this with a little bit of everything to see; mountain and farmland charm.

Scorpio — Val-Jalbert, Quebec

Photo by Pack-Shot

Val-Jalbert is no longer an actual inhabited town in Canada, it’s literally a Ghost town, which is quite fitting for the sign of the zodiac that most loves a good ghost story. Much like Scorpio, there is mystery and depth to this old paper-mill town from the 1920s.

Sagittarius — Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada
Photo by chris kolaczan

Sagittarians are adventurers with a wanderlust heart who love experiencing culture. Haida Gwaii is a wonderful mixture of adventure and culture that mirrors the qualities of this zodiac sign. With the arts, culture and history paired with physical adventure, this would be the Canadian location that Sagittarius would embody!

Capricorn — Canmore, Alberta

British Columbia
Photo by kavram

The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat which is known to climb to great heights; so for this earthy Zodiac sign, they would be the mountain town of Canmore in Alberta. Surrounded by several mountains to scale, Canmore is very suited to be the most ambitious sign of the Zodiac.

Aquarius — Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller, Alberta
Photo by GTS Productions

This small town was once booming in the coal mining days and now has a unique charm with its historical buildings, badlands, and an amazing dinosaur museum. A word that sums up both this town and zodiac sign is interesting and eccentric!

Pisces — Downtown Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia
Photo by gary yim

A fishing town full of art and dreamy scenery? Of course it’s Pisces! The most romantic and artistic sign of the zodiac is perfectly suited to be this sleepy little village with its picturesque downtown that looks like something out of a dream.

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