Weekly social media roundup: The best posts on the internet

otter floating in a river Photo by Giphy

Anyone else feeling a little bit burnt out? Hopefully you managed to take some time over the long weekend to relax and unplug from social media. Just because we haven’t been into our regular routines doesn’t mean we don’t have reason to be exhausted. In fact, in between organizing your new way of life, helping your family organize their new ways of life, cooking more, and using technology more often to connect with family and friends, chances are you’re actually working yourself harder than ever before.

Why not take a few minutes today to smile and enjoy a laugh? We’ve found some of the funniest and most feel-good posts and just had to share them with you. Let’s start the new week off on the right note.

If you’re looking for more or missed our roundup from last week, you can check it out here.

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1. This pug has all the moves:

2. And of course there’s this cute pup:

3. You can literally see this blackbird singing:

4. Leave it to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake to create a fun quarantine theme song for us:

5. Get inside the mind of cats:

6. Have a birthday to celebrate this week?

7. Time to bust a move:

8. Now keep the dance party going until next week:

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