Watch two men rescue a frightened deer from frozen Stoney Lake

Deer rescue in Kawartha Lakes

Last weekend, two young men rescued a stranded deer from a frozen section of Stoney Lake in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes region.

While working at a cottage at the region’s Viamede Resort, electricians Pete Rennie and Jay Wells spotted the deer struggling on the slippery ice, and after testing the ice’s thickness, they cautiously approached it. Though the frightened animal struggled against them, they managed to pull it safely to the shore by its legs. Once it was back on land, the deer bounded away with no apparent injuries.

We’ve seen plenty of risky deer rescues over the years, from this pair of tangled deer saved from drowning to this trio of deer being whisked to safety with the help of a hovercraft. It seems that whenever a frightened deer finds itself stranded, a big-hearted person is willing to risk thin ice and flailing hooves to help.

Here’s to Pete and Jay for saving this lucky deer’s life, and a special thank-you to Pete’s mother, Natalie Rennie, for sharing this video with us!