Watch: Pod of orca whales swim past Galiano Island

Wildlife sightings are one of the many things that make time at the cottage so sought after, but not many of us can say we’ve seen something quite like this.

As a resident of Galino Island for more than a decade, Janusz Kowalski has had the pleasure of watching orca whales swim past his place before, but he had never seen a pod as large as he did the other day.

“We tried to calculate it and we thought we were correct in assuming there might have been over 30 whales,”  Kowalski told Global TV. Luckily, his first instinct was to capture them on camera.

Check out this incredible video of these majestic creatures making their way through the Active Pass, a narrow body of water on the west coast of British Columbia, separating the Galiano and Mayne Islands.