Watch a baby bear ask mom for help crossing the street

Photo by Kelsy VonKaenel‎

Kelsy VonKaenel was treated to quite the scene on March 26 when she ran into a mama bear and her cubs trying to cross the street in Granby, Connecticut.

VonKaenel stopped driving to let the bears cross, and managed to film an adorable family moment. While two of the three cubs made it safely across the street, the last one needed a little encouragement from mom.‎Kelsy VonKaenel/videos/417467568626885

Watch as this little one calls out to its mother for aid—and how quickly she turns back to help.

While this video is adorable, it is also a reminder that spring is here and many animals are coming out of hibernation. Remember, it is always important to maintain a good distance from wild animals, especially when you see a bear with its young.