Two adorable worlds collide when bear cub meets fawn

bear cub and fawn

When Point of View Farm posted a photo of a new rescue cub, Boog, back in May, it didn’t seem possible that the little bear could get any cuter. However, a video of Boog meeting a rescued fawn has proven that theory false.

And here is what happened between Boog and the fawn 5 minutes after the video below.

Posted by Joel Rosenthal on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The video was taken when Joel Rosenthal, the founder of the animal rescue farm, rescued a tiny fawn. He decided to introduce it to Boog, who had been found earlier that month in a barn, crying and hungry, with no mother anywhere around. Boog is clearly a little bit nervous meeting a new animal, and stands shakily on his hind legs to investigate before toppling back down. However, after a few moments together, the two animals seem to show more curiosity than fear, and Boog steps up to touch noses with the wary fawn. And so, the world’s cutest interspecies friendship is born.

Joel Rosenthal started Point of View Farm in 2000 with the goal of helping orphaned and injured animals. The farm is on an isolated patch of land near Hillsboro, West Virginia, and people in the area know to call Joel when they come across an animal that needs help. Besides bears and deer, he has rescued foxes, beavers, skunks, vultures, and more.

But in our professional opinion, Boog might just be the cutest animal at the farm, particularly when he’s making a new friend. Just check out the video above, and get ready to have your heart warmed.