Tim Hortons to bring back beloved discontinued item

Tim Horton's

Stopping for Timmies on the way to the cottage is as much a Canadian experience as listening for the call of loons as you sit on the dock with your morning coffee.

Because Canadians have such a strong connection to Tim Hortons, it’s not surprising that over the past few decades, customers have made requests to bring back cherished food items that have been discontinued.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Tim Hortons has launched their Bring it Back campaign, giving Canadians a say in which classic Timmies item will be reintroduced to their menu for a limited time.

“Bring It Back is our way of saying thank you to our loyal guests for the past five decades,” said Glenn Hollis, Tim Horton’s VP of Marketing, in a press release. “We hope it sparks fond memories for Canadians.”

Which retro items are in the running? Tim Hortons has unveiled five food items, each popular during one of the five decades that the chain has been operating. They’re asking Canadians to vote on the following:

1960’s: The Eclair – Dipped in chocolate fondant, then sliced and filled with whipped topping.

1970’s: The Sugar Twist  – Rolled out and double-twisted into shape, then rolled in sugar.

1980’s: The Pecan Butter Tart – Baked with a creamy, buttery filling and topped with crunchy pecans.

1990’s: The Chocolate Sour Cream Glazed Donut – A ring of chocolate cake with tangy sour cream flavour.

2000’s: The Bread Bowl – Hearty chili served in a freshly baked sourdough bowl.

If one of those items brings back fond memories of driving to the cottage, or lazy summer days by the lake, you can vote at You can also cast your vote through social media, using the hashtag #TimsBringItBack.

The competition is open until May 14, 2014. The winning item will be announced on May 15 and return to stores later this year. For now, Tim Hortons hasn’t confirmed whether the winning item will be available in all stores across Canada—or if it will be sold at a vintage price.