Thunder Bay woman captures battle between two lynx on video


Now that everyone carries a smartphone with them, it’s not hard to catch a glimpse of two lynx frolicking in the wild. But no matter how many times you’ve seen them walking along the side of a road, you’ve likely never witnessed a confrontation between two of the wild cats.

That’s why a Thunder Bay woman’s video of two lynx engaging in a small spat has received so much attention.

Katie Green captured the footage while she and her boyfriend were driving into town on Friday evening. According to reports, they spotted the two lynx in the middle of a driveway around John Street Road.

“…when we got closer, what we thought was maybe one of the neighbourhood dogs or cats was actually a lynx,” Green told CBC News earlier this week.

Shortly after she noticed a second lynx appear, and the two cats started walking down the road together. Although Green told reporters that she’s seen lynx in her own yard before, it’s not often that she spots the elusive animal, so she and her boyfriend continued to follow them.

It wasn’t long before the pair started scrapping in another person’s driveway.

“I was holding my phone, thankfully, so I didn’t have to fumble for it or anything,” she said.

The battle between the two cats was harmless—both lynx left the encounter growling at one another, but neither were hurt. Nonetheless it was a memorable experience for Green and her boyfriend.

“We were pretty in shock, we just kept watching the video over and over again,” she said.