Three-day blizzard in parts of Nunavut keeps locals snowed-in

Snowed-in front door

Although Torontonians like to think they always have it the worst in the weather department, the reality is, there’s always a Canadian city that is much colder, snowier, and icier.

Case in point: some people in Nunavut have been snowed in for three-days.

An onslaught of blizzards has trapped residents in some communities in the Kitikmeot and the Kivalliq regions. Although very little snow actually fell, the high winds created huge snowdrifts, some taller than houses, burying stop signs and street signs.

The three-day storm grounded flights, cancelled classes, and closed businesses for several days.

Take a look at these phenomenal photos below from some of the snowed-in regions.

Snowed-in front door

snowed-in 2

Stop sign buried in snow

snowed-in 4