This sleepy bear refuses to come out of his hibernation treehouse

Bear head poking out of hole in tree [Credit: Glacier National Park]

The world’s most relatable bear has become an internet star after deciding to keep napping rather than come out of hibernation.

Viewers have been following the bear on Glacier National Park’s webcam, which has been streaming video of the den (which, by the way, is in an adorable hollowed-out tree) ever since the bear first poked its head out. Videos show the bear resting his head on the lip of the den’s opening, yawning mightily.

“Do you ever struggle to get out of bed?” the park’s account tweeted. “This black bear has been sluggishly poking its head since March 23rd.”

Anyone who’s ever had trouble pulling themselves out of bed will recognize this bear’s struggle. However, wildlife experts say it is quite normal for a bear to take a few weeks to come out of hibernation. This is basically just the bear equivalent of you hitting the snooze button, asking for five more minutes.


Glacier National Park has posted several video clips of the bear’s appearances. In one particularly hilarious segment, it seems to be rolling around inside of the tree, with just its feet occasionally popping up. Admittedly, it has left the den since it was first spotted, but not the tree itself, instead preferring to climb around in the branches. But on April 3rd, snowfall forced it back inside, although according to the Park’s Twitter account, it has been spotted licking the snow.

If you want to watch the drama (slowly) unfold, you can go to the the Park’s website and check their live webcam updates. It may be the first time you find yourself trying to live vicariously through a wild bear.

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