This pontoon doubles in size with the push of a button

a pontoon boat that expands with the push of a button Photo courtesy of 2x Marine

Want to double the size of your boat with the push of a button? Well, for cottagers lucky enough to own a custom-made 2x Marine pontoon, it’s actually an option.

Picture this — that awkward moment when you realize that you have one too many people to take the boat out on a sunset cruise. What’s an owner to do?

Much like the dinner table that expands for those special gatherings, now it’s possible to press a button … and voila! Double the deck space.

This boat actually offers the ability to turn a 8.5-foot-wide pontoon into a 17-foot-wide vessel.

But wait — there’s more! Too hot? No problem. Just pull out the centre canopy. Getting dark? Turn on the custom LED lights for additional effect.

Now that’s taking it up a notch. Your guests will find it almost as cool as feeling the breeze on a hot summer’s day.

This vessel is the same size as a standard boat, can be towed on a trailer, and built with any size motor. Still don’t believe it? Check out the following video to see the prototype in action. Then visit for more information, or to place an order (models currently starting at $40,000).

Now that there’s room for the whole clan, no one is left sittin’ on the dock of the bay; watching the party barge sail away.

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