This new glass will help keep your beer fresh

Beer glass

Beer and sun are the perfect combination. Well, almost perfect. While a cold brew never tastes better than when you’re lounging in the sun, its powerful UV rays can damage more than just your skin

When exposed to ultraviolet light, hops—a beer ingredient that adds flavour and acts as a preservative—undergoes a chemical reaction that can leave your beer tasting “skunky.” This is especially true if your beer is contained in clear glass (which does nothing to help protect against light the way green and brown beer bottles do). 

But if you love drinking beer from a glass or you’re a big patio hopper and you want to be sure that your beer maintains its fresh taste, you might be interested in a new product called Bru-V. 

Unlike most glassware designed for beer, Bru-V employs the same technology that’s been used for hundreds of years with brown beer bottles and applies it to a glass—it’s really as simple as that.

Founded by Oakville’s Alan Wood, the product is being launched through a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign. If you’d like to support the product, there are only a few days left to pledge and Wood is still a few thousand dollars short of his goal, which according to his Kickstarter page, is “saving beer one glass at a time.”