This cozy A-frame makes carpeting cool again

After the rug-stravaganza that was the 1970s, few of us would dare fill our homes with full-floor carpeting. But in the right circumstances, carpeting can actually be quite sophisticated. Case in point: this wood-panelled A-frame with muted carpeting filling most of the main living space.

Even Frank Lloyd Wright appreciated the value of a soft base of carpeting, and with its wooden beams and flat ceilings, this cabin embodies a bit of the Wright style. Its earthy tones and throwback style make it feel like a true escape from modern pressures.

Located in Tahoe, California, the space is not just beautiful inside but also overlooks the nearby forests and lake. The cabin is a prime example of “organic architecture,” or architecture that is in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. The creators of the cabin even chose to let a tree grow through the upper balcony rather than cutting it down.

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