This cabin rental in Yukon has major Into the Wild vibes

Jon Krakauer’s biography about the adventures of Christopher McCandless’ ill-fated trip to Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska was the basis of Sean Penn’s film adaption Into the Wild which inspired like-minded adventurers to visit the bus McCandless’ took shelter in only to succumb to a similar fate. Alaskan officials eventually put a stop to this by relocating the infamous bus by helicopter to a new location that was safer for would-be visitors. If you’re looking for a remote and rugged experience in Canada’s north with a similar landscape then rent this cabin on Marsh Lake, just 40 minutes away from the capital of Whitehorse.

Location: Marsh Lake, Yukon

Price: Averages $121 per night

Sleeps: 5

Bedrooms: 2


  • No Internet
  • Satellite phones, fishing gear, canoes, and bikes available to rent
  • No pets

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