Thieves strip New Brunswick cottage of windows and doors

Stripped Cottage

If you’ve ever left your cottage unattended for months at a time, chances are you’ve worried about break ins—but you’ve probably never worried about someone stealing your windows and doors.

That’s exactly what happened to a New Brunswick couple, who recently had their locked cottage broken into and completely stripped. Their neighbours in Morrell Siding noticed the building was windowless and doorless on Sunday, and immediately alerted owners Sherry and Mike Canavan.

“Who does that? Who goes and steals windows and doors that are installed in a building?” Sherry Canavan told CBC’s Maritime Noon on Monday.

The Canavan’s installed the brand new windows and doors in the summer, and they are worth about $15,000 total.

Photo by Sherry Canavan

The thieves also took their bathtub-shower unit, a toilet, a brand new basement door, several tools, a table saw, insulation, and even scrap wood—basically everything that could be removed from the unfinished structure.

Canavan, who works two jobs to pay for the cottage, told CBC that she feels violated and is in a fog, unsure of how to move forward. The couple’s insurance doesn’t cover theft, and in this case, they’ve lost a lot of labour time too.

She told CBC that she suspects whoever committed the crime planned it well in advance to ensure they could pull it off. After all, it would have taken a lot of time to remove all the items, and a large vehicle to transport them.

“How can I go back up there and sit in front of our travel trailer we have and wave at people going by, ’cause it could be the thief I’m waving at?” she said.

RCMP are currently investigating, and pictures of the cottage are being shared online in hopes that any stolen items will be recognized if someone tries to sell them.