These are some of our favourite cottage moments

favourite cottage moments Romualdi/Shutterstock

From rustic charmer to a relaxing oasis, the cottage means something to everyone. The memories you make, people you meet, and experiences you share help to shape the way you think of your own slice of heaven.

But there are certain things that everyone looks forward to as they wish away the winter cold and dream of lazy summer days on the dock. Sounds, feelings, tastes, smells, and sights, here is just a small sample of our favourite cottage moments.

A sweet treat from the local bakery

That first road trip to the cottage isn’t complete without a stop at that small town bakery for a butter tart or the Kawartha Dairy for a cone of mint chip.

The sound of car tires meeting gravel road

When those tires move from the smooth asphalt to the rough gravel, you know your summer can begin. 

The smell of gasoline after a long winter

A sure sign that it’s time for your boat’s seasonal maiden voyage. That familiar “glug, glug, glug” as your thirsty vessel drinks it up, and you’ll be flying along the water in no time.

That first application of sunscreen

You fight through freezing rain, sleet, and snow all winter, dreaming of this moment. When the sun finally emerges from it’s hibernation to warm your Vitamin D-deprived body, your SPF 60 has never felt so good.

Your signature dish cooking on the BBQ

Whether it’s a recipe handed down through the generations, a great internet find, or the result of pure imagination, your summer doesn’t start until you get cookin’.

The smell of your first brew 

Even if it’s the same brand that you always drink, something about the fresh cottage air or the lingering smell of campfire makes your coffee taste even better. Take a walk to your private morning spot, breathe in a deep breath, and feel your worries wash away.

Cottages can be painstaking endeavours. There is no shortage of stresses associated with owning a second property. But these small sensory moments remind us of the real value of the cottage. It isn’t always about the big picture. Its those small moments that you feel that mean the most, and that your senses never let you forget. 

What’s your favourite cottage moment?

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