The Canadian Mint will be releasing a UFO-themed coin

Manitoba UFO coin Photo courtesy of the Canadian Mint

The Canadian Mint wants to believe. This month, they’re issuing a new $20 silver coin to commemorate the 1968 UFO sighting near Falcon Lake in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The sighting is one of the most famous in the country. Stefan Michalak was looking for rare minerals in the park when he saw two unusual craft touchdown near the lake. While he initially thought the saucer-shaped craft were some sort of experimental military craft. When he approached the ships after an hour of observation, it became very apparent that Michalak was watching something not of this world.

The unusual event’s 50th anniversary was commemorated last year. Now, it will also be immortalized on 4,000 coins.

“I feel very privileged they are doing it… and if my dad was still around, he would be floored. He would be pleasantly surprised. And if my mother was still here, she would say everything has a reason. Everything is connected,” Stefan Michalak’s son, Stan, told the Winnipeg Free Press.

UFO Manitoba coin
Photo courtesy of the Canadian Mint


The unique coins are shaped like hot air balloon — or an alien’s head — and emit an eerie glow when they’re lit up with black light. The design was created by artist Joel Kimmel and, according to the Mint’s website, was “based on the witness’s descriptions and sketches.” On one side is the scene of the UFO above the lake and on the other is the Queen’s head. They were specially created in Ontario, using custom dyes.

“We thought it was such an interesting story that it was one that we had to share with Canadians,” Eric Maga, the product manager for the coin, told the CBC.

“We had talked around a lot of really wacky ideas and interesting concepts for this one, but in the end, we wanted to try and stay as faithful and true to the story as we could.”

The coin, which costs $129.95, is now available for purchase, but won’t be shipped out until June.

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